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    *Master The Habit of Thinking Big;
*Learn How to Manifest More Blessings;
*& Get The Blue print to Turning Ideas Into Profits!

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Would You Like To Release the Genie Within and...

·        Shift Your Current Lifestyle to A More Meaningful One 

·        Activate the Energy of Abundance in Your Life

·        Align Your Business & Personal Life “Effortlessly”
         For Greater Impact

No matter what your circumstances are now, anything and everything you wish to create in your life is completely possible.
Wishing alone will not do it!
Thinking positive alone will not do it!
Talking about it will not do it!

You are more than you are allowing yourself to be!

This is an authentic process that can unlock the hidden talents, gifts and abilities within you, and finally
release the inner Genie so it can grant you YOUR every wish… It will help you identify the 
thoughts and the actions that can create the shift.

 "Jump-Start Your Life®" outlines exactly how to do it – see Steps 5 & 7. 

I am Silva Mirzoian - Lifestyle Developer, Entrepreneur and Author of the "Jump-Start Your Life®".
I lived most of my life confused. Wanting and wishing for more,
and knowing that there was something better for me,
but not being sure how to bridge and connect for the transformation.


  I knew nothing about writing books, much less self-help. I knew, though, that I had to share my
  journey, as a way to inspire others 
who are afraid to get out of their comfort zones and fulfill
  their dreams.

  This book is a true testament of how one can face fears, walk through to living a dream lifestyle,
  and moving to the next level of transformation. I did it!

  It was only few years ago when I walked away from an abusive marriage 
  with zero money in savings. ZERO!"   


 Take It From Someone Who Has Experienced This First Hand - Someone Who Had Lost Everything!

 Then Discovered The Missing Link That Turned Her Life Around – (Step 4 in the book)!

  NOWHERE have we been trained with the steps that are in this book! 


  You will begin to THINK & LIVE differently...

  You will finally release the magical inner "Genie" so it can grant you your every wish!

  It all starts right now, with YOU!!

Stop spinning your wheels because your life is in the same place as it was last, year and the year before.

This is limited time offer until 5/15/2015. Get the Book with 2 Bonus Gifts.

This Life Changing Guide Book with A-Step-By-Step Plan!

How Silva Went from Having Zero Money, To Turning Ideas Into Profits, To Owning Businesses and Travelling the World!

The teachings of this book turned her life around and we are sharing it here with you.


*SPECIAL OFFER* Get Your Own Copy of 
  The "Jump-Start Your Life" Book

Discover Who  Is That One Person Who Can Transform Your Life... 
How to utilize your 4 Inner Tools to your advantage.
How expand the attitudes that will help you create a win-win situation!
Choose the power of change! 

The power to reconnect with your abundant self!

If you are looking for a guide book that will impact your personal and professional life...
A book that will guide you towards the step-by-step method that can help you realize your
every dream, then this is a must read.

As an added bonus, you will also receive with this purchase a copy of Silva's Step-By-Step

Plan Booklet that you can utilize with the "Jump-Start Your Life" Book. 

And if that isn't enough, Silva is also giving you a copy of her new E-book, "Secrets to Turning Ideas Into Profit$."  

When you purchase the "Jump-Start Your Life" book you will receive the
two additional E-books as a Thank You. 


A book that will teach you:
  • How to PREVENT Small people from HOLDING YOU BACK
  • How to get PASSIONATE AGAIN... get enthusiastic (Step 4 in the book)
  • How to SEE SOLUTIONS within your current challenges;
  • How to MAKE FRIENDS with your fears and start walking through them;
  • How to TRAIN YOURSELF TO attract what you desire (Step 6 in the book);
  • How to CHOOSE THE RIGHT people, situations and mentors to claim your greatness;
  • How to create MORE WEALTH & happiness by implementing NEW Habits;
  • How to STRENGTHEN yourself so you can TRUST YOUR INNER thoughts and beliefs to Move Forward;
  • How to FIND JOY after unhappy marriages, divorce or relationships;
  • How to define YOUR IDEA OF SUCCESS path in life;
  • How to Set YOUR GOALS AND ACCOMPLISH them... and much more.

This book is based on Silva's true life story and it will inspire you to take the first step to reclaiming your perfect life.
It helps you NAVIGATE THROUGH your fears, change your habits and finally take constructive steps towards creating a better future.

Whether you want to start a new career, business or a new lifestyle, the steps and tools in the book will give you the confidence to GET IT DONE!

Every morning you have a choice - either to create life or do life! You can choose the power to change and reconnect with your Perfect Self.

This book will awaken your spirit and guide you step-by-step in realizing your most passionate dreams.

It will truly set you on the path of greatness!  

*As mentioned above, an added bonus, Silva will send you her 30 day blue print to success workbook.

This is a 30 day plan to connect to your INNER POWER FOR success:

  1. Your Mind - it holds your power to create the vision of your dream lifestyle, the focus on action plan and the attitude for success 
  2. Your Spirit - it holds your power of your inner gifts, talents, abilities, love, faith and hope for your perfect lifestyle
  3. Your Body - it holds your power to move you through your journey of life
  4. Your Social Environment - it holds your power to choose who will influence your journey to change!

*And you will receive Silva's new "Secrets To Turning Ides Into Profit$ E-book.

Now you have NO EXCUSE! The tools to "Jump-Start Your Life" have been made available to you. 

If you have the PASSION to do something differently - even once - you'll get a different result!

Here is to living your dream lifestyle



P.S. Check out my Programs tab for hands-on trainings

“My life came to a screeching halt due to the recent financial crisis. Due to loss of income I came close to losing my house. Silva was able to transform my life by helping me see the possibilities in life.  With a structured blueprint, I was able to not only save  my house, but expand my career too.” 
   ~Dr. V. Campa

“I heard Silva speak last night, and I highly recommend that every woman and child should listen to the insight that Silva has to share.” 
 ~ Barbara N

"I really appreciated you taking time to share your stories and experiences. It helps to know that even though you are successful,  you have had your challenges  and overcame them." 
~Marcia R

"Your book helped me take a serious look at my life. I am now taking care of myself physically. I am taking serious steps in my life to balance myself mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.  I thank God for Silva!" 
~Sherry P. 

"I mainly learned to eliminate fear of losing relationships. I am today the person I am willing to be." 
~Sybil S.

"You helped me develop a positive outlook on what I plan to achieve in life. I have learned to take one step at a time and stay focused on my future as well as what I need to do first in achieving my goal.  The sessions have also helped me to realize that anything that you really want, you can get. Thank you Silva, you are very special." 
~Norma D

"I have greatly enjoyed reading Silva's book. I have found it motivating and it made me aware of the 'sleepwalking mode'. I believe that her leadership skills are a benefit to all that hear her, she is a gift from God and a blessing." 
~Rachel S

"I was attracted to this book by the phrase "waking up from the sleep walking mode", as it struck a chord in me. Working 9 to 5, living for weekends and vacations just seems like sleep walking... at least to me. Silva's approach to "waking up" is simple, direct, honest and practical. It has given me a more clarified sense of purpose and meaning. I wish I would have read it 20 years ago! I would recommend it for everyone!"
~T. EngleI

"I think the Silva has managed to "coin a phrase" with "Jump Start Your Life". I think everyone at one time or another has had to jump start their automobiles. Well, that analogy really works for me. It's synonymous with being "born again". I think this book is of real value to all those who read it."
~Pamela Tinsley