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Jump-Start Your Teen's Life

It's about shifting the mind set of parents, teachers and students to create a healthier and safer environment for all.

We believe that by inspiring kids to reach their own potential in life, they will be distracted away from bullying or being bullied.

It is about all of us coming together to Jump-Start the lives of children through “GANG OF HOPE”® 

   What we do:

   * Transform lives - Increasing self esteem - Teaching life skills.
   * Guide kids towards discovering their possibilities and careers in life
   * Teach kids ways to handle life's challenges, overcome fear and prepare for adulthood
Open dialogue between students, parents and teachers and impacting change globally
   * Cultivate kids inner talents, and gifts and abilities by teaching them way to focus, create better attitude, make and manage money
   * Connect kids to Positve Role models - they are proven to be one of the most important aspects in a your personal development

We address issues in a fun and comfortable interactive training/presentation segments - Including home and school lifestyle, peer pressure, fashion, style and much more..

Online and on site training

 To