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Silva's Story


The Transformation of The Dream Weaver

"I am a living proof that you CAN overcome your challenges and transform your lifestyle - regardless of where you are in life now. If you have the passion and you take constructive actions, you can create wealth" - Silva Mirzoian   

I lost everything, but one! That was the turning point in my life

Silva has been called a Dream Weaver, Lifestyle Developer, Women‟s Advocate, Wealth Creator and a Lifestyle Designer. As a successful property developer, Silva converted her successful real estate development strategies to creating e a blueprint for YOUR success. She‟s really a Transformation Architect and Lifestyle Developer. There is nothing conventional about Silva. She has defined the odds of not just living, but thriving.  

Make no mistake -- You hold the power within.

Rewards of Triumph

Silva is a self-made successful entrepreneur who began her journey with zero money. She has been recognized and honored consistently:

  • Awarded "Advocate Business Woman of the Year"  by the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce
  • "Leader in The Real Estate Industry" Award by the Los Angeles Business Journal
  • Featured on Fox Magazine Show
  • General Contractor & Real Estate Broker of her own company
  • Listed in The World's Who is Who of Women Directory
  • Worked with Al Gore on the Inconvenient Truth message
  • Producer of  "Gang of Hope" videos for children
  • General Contractor and Designer for Green Properties
  • Producer of Jump-Start Your Life TV Shows on LA Cable Channel
  • Talk Show host on KRLA 870AM
  • Past Board Member of LAUSD Adopt-A-School program
  • Affiliated with General Colin Powell's Americas Promise Alliance - For Children's Better Education

Rising from the ashes

 Over the past three decades Silva has hit rock bottom - personally and financially many times; she has had near misses with death four times, but always has managed to reinvent herself and thrive much better than the last time.

Unwilling to run back home to her parents, she knew that it was up to her to once again transform her life.

Silva Mirzoian is the leading expert to jump starting your personal and professional life. The author of "Jump-Start Your Life"® book, publisher and CEO of Passions & Dreams For Success Institute.  Entrepreneur Magazine named her "Dream Weaver" for having a unique ability to weave together past & present to develop a perfect (and wealthy) lifestyle for women! Silva embarked on this journey with zero money, job and self-confidence after having walked away from an abusive marriage.          

Having zero money and living off just one credit card, Silva found her strength and courage and within months her entrepreneurial spirit took over and she set up her own business and before she reached the age of thirty, she created a net worth of one million dollars.

This journey to success was a difficult one, but she is glad that she walked through it many times over, as it transformed her life from 'ordinary' to 'extraordinary' and made her a published author and educator. And best of all, she found the secrets of life and the strategies for designing and building your own 'perfect' lifestyle.

 Silva's Valuable Life Manifesto is shared through her training programs.

Teaching through her own personal life she has:

  • Transformed many lives by applying her personal experiences and wisdom to teach powerful yet simple proven strategies and steps for fulfillment
  • Inspired people to awaken their inner power so that they can see their potential in life and ultimately start to design and build their own personal version of the wealthy lifestyle
  • Developed business concepts for clients who've either lost their jobs or were fed up with their dead-end jobs
  • Shared how a person with the desire to create real wealth has the potential to go from zero money to success within 90 days using her strategies

    The message of Silva's "Jump-Start Your Life®" bestselling book itself is a true testament to how one, despite their fears, continues to manifest a dream. The teachings within the book have been a phenomenal success the world over. Working with international clients she has made a difference in the lives of many.  

    Silva has the inner ability to see the potential of everyone around her which is buried deep down within. She has 'been there' and 'done that', understands the process and has the simple formula for turning challenges into purpose.  She shares her pains and triumphs together with a step-by-step plan to nurturing the seeds of greatness within and finally jump-starting one's perfect lifestyle. It was just a few years before that when she first arrived in the US with merely a dream about creating her personal independence. 

Philanthropist... her legacy

Silva's philanthropy work is her legacy. She realized early on that blessings are meant to be shared with others and decided i n 1998 to launch her own foundation, Passion and Dreams Funding with the mission to end poverty and homelessness from our society. Through education and connection to resources, it's possible for a woman to improve her finances and live in her very own home. The foundation also provides assistance to inner-city youth who are struggling to stay in school and to individuals who are homeless. Her biggest passions in life are: protecting animals and children from abuse and homelessness.

Silva’s humanitarian spirit can also be witnessed by her involvement in a number of leading global organizations including the International Women’s Forum based in London, the Youth Empowerment Summit of the United Nations, the Employment Development Department and the Salvation Army.


Silva has developed and produced several radio and television shows as well as videos including the 2010 documentary "Broken Promises - Where is the Love?" about the US education system. Her message of inspiration and empowerment has reached many through TV and Radio Appearances & Press Releases such as: 

• "Entrepreneur Magazine"
• "Overcoming the Odds" - Cable Channel
• "The Daily Telegraph"
• "The Champion"
• "The Advance"
• "You & Your Money" TV Show
• "Synergy Radio” - KUCI 88.9
• "Beauty and the Beast TV Show” (Foxtel & Channel 10 Sydney - Australia)
• Radio Talk Show with Kerri Anne - 2GB Sydney
• FOX Cable Magazine Show amongst others.
Silva has been quoted in "The Washington Post", “La Opinion”, “Chicago Business”, “Texas Realtor Magazine”, “Glendale News Press”, “Orange County Register” and interviewed 
by numerous US and International TV and radio stations.

 To learn more about Silva's life transformational programs and the Women, Wealth & Beyond Circle® of Influence, click here.

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