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Jump Start Your Life

"Jump-Start Your Life®"  the book that is a true testament to how one can overcome their fears and releasing the greatness within. It will open up your heart and mind to possibilities. 

A book that will teach you:
  • How to see the solutions within your challenges,
  • How to make friends with your fears;
  • How to re-awaken your inner tools to empower your journey towards building your healthy & wealthy lifestyle;
  • How to choose to win;
  • How to create more wealth & happiness by being your perfect self;
  • How to trust your inner thoughts and beliefs
  • How to find joy after unhappy marriages or relationships
  • How to define your success path in life
  • How to re-awaken your inner most passionate dreams & finally give yourself the permission to BE. 




Jump-Start Your Healthy Lifestyle

rolex daytona

We have all heard the phrase..."You are what you eat!" Dr. Julie Ann Cohn and Silva Mirzoian share their conversation about creating a healthy relationship with food. Dr. Julie Ann Cohn began in 2007 at 260 pounds. Today she weighs 125 pounds. Your body is in charge of taking you through your journey through life and if it is not supported by your eating habit, then the chances of your success is limited.

Change your life by changing your relationship with food.

Jump-Start Your Life Audio CD

"Jump-Start Your Life®" book and CD. The teachings within this book are a testament to what one could achieve when you overcome your fears. It will open up your mind and heart to all of your possibilities. You can choose the power to change and reconnect with your Perfect Self. This book will awaken your spirit and guide you step-by-step in realizing your most passionate dreams.  So if you are to embark on a new journey through life, get your own personal blueprint to success. 


Silva The Genie Comic Book

Silva the Genie has been released from her Pandora Box.. locked away many years ago by a jealous prince.. and now by shear accident, Natalie and Jake, 2 young teens walking home from after a soccer practice with their dog BO discover the box.. what should they do? Leave it... walk away from it, tell the police or take it home?
Natalie and Jake will soon discover where the Genie lives and how they make things happen in their own lives..

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Products 1 to 4 of 4
Wealthy Sub
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"I mainly learned to eliminate fear of losing relationships. I am today the person I am willing to be."

~Sybil S.
"You are dynamic! I was awed at your knowledge and eloquence in sharing your knowledge and experience."

~Annabelle- Curves
"I have to say im shocked that there is a Armenian woman that is so open minded and motivated in life . It was a pleasure talking to you and Silva I wish you all the best in the world God bless you and your family there should be more people on this planet just like you. You stood up, looked up, and never gave up , That is a leader and a champion in my eyes you are put on this earth to help so many people . Goodluck and God bless."

~Art D.
"I have greatly enjoyed having Silva on a weekly basis. I have found the workshops motivating and it made me aware of the 'sleepwalking mode'. I believe that her leadership skills are a benefit to all that hear her, she is a gift from God and a blessing."

~Rachel S
"As a provider of services to the homeless population we see daily the impact of low self esteem. The changes that we have seen are miraculous.  Exposing our clients to Ms. Mirzoian has been one of the most important things we have done in our program to date."

~Roslyn Long, Exec. Director
Salvation Army
Westwood Transition Village